the drink blog

Hang on a second, you’re interested in finding out about who’s running this crazy thing instead of just reading about drinks? Huh, strange. Who am I to ignore your desire for knowledge?

Hi there, I’m Morgan! Pleasure to meet you. Behind the camera, that’s Alice. She’s the strong, quiet type.

After a lifetime of love with food, drinks and everything related, we got tired of people asking us the same few questions, “What good restaurants are there?” and “What should I drink this weekend and how do I make it?” Figuring that there’s Yelp for everyone to see what people think of the fine eating establishments around, we knew we could help in the other area: drinking.

Hence, we launched The Drink Blog (cue trumpets!).

In college, I got my bartending certification (did you know that there are actual certification courses?), so I was always a hit at parties and hopefully know my way around a decent pour. Granted, with my English degree, I knew I’d need a little help with extra income on the side. I’m not saying being able to read “The Canterbury Tales” in its original Middle English isn’t useful, it just doesn’t pay particularly well.

When we’re not drinking, eating or taking pictures of food, both Alice and I ply our trade digitally — as Internet magicians! Well, technically, as a web developer and producer, but we’re splitting hairs now.

Fun fact: we were nominated by Saveur for the 2015 Saveur Blog Awards under the Best Spirits or Cocktail Coverage as one of the six bestest (totally a word) cocktail slinging sites out there. An honor for which we are, humbly and eternally, flattered by.

Now that you know a little bit about us, back to the drinks! Have a round on us.