Amarula Cream

Are you looking for something a little extra special this holiday season? Let me amend that — are you looking for a special cream liqueur that isn’t Baileys? Don’t get me wrong, I love Baileys, but sometimes you need to expand your horizons, do a little adventuring and have some fun. With that in mind, give Amarula Cream a try!

Ama-what-now? Amarula Cream, der.

What is it? Well, as the name implies, it’s a cream liqueur. I know that’s a shock to learn. Specifically, however, it’s a liqueur that they drive from marula fruit. You’ll recognize it for the awesome elephant on the bottle.

Why’s there an elephant on the bottle? It’s not just to catch your attention, it’s from South Africa. We’re always looking to expand our international drinks, so naturally something from South Africa caught our fancy.

amarula cream liquor

Here’s the shocking thing (at least to me): they hand harvest the fruit! Seriously, who does that? That’s what I like to call a dedication to their craft and it shows. Once they’ve hand harvested the fruit (seriously!), they remove the pits, skin and juice those bad boys. Then they ferment it, distill it and age it for two years in French oak casks. Finally, they add some cream to their now mature drink and bottle it for all of us to enjoy.

What’s it taste like? Imagine if you will, the rich creaminess of Baileys, except with a slight citrusy flavor. When I first tried it, it almost reminded me of an orange creamsicle. It’s pleasantly surprising.

amarula cream liquor on the rocks

amarula cream liquor on the rocks

How should you drink it? Well, here we love it on the rocks. Though you can also knock together a cocktail or three and it won’t set you wrong. Check their site for those, they have a fair few. Though, I’m sure we’re going to get around to making one with it here — after we’ve gotten another bottle because we drank that first one entirely on the rocks!

Treat someone (or yourself, because if you don’t, who will?) and give Amarula a try. You’ll thank yourself.

amarula on the rocks