Grog. Now that’s a pleasing word to say. Go ahead, give it a say. Grog. It’s also a good, easy sipping drink. And it do be for pirates!

We’ve covered Barbados punch — another amazing drink for pirates. However, being such a pirate aficionado as I am, I couldn’t leave it at just one drink. Here we go with Grog!

grog rum

Growing up, I always thought that “Grog” was just something odd and miscellaneous, something you didn’t want to drink. I thought it was something that you only drank when you had nothing else. However, after giving it a taste, I can tell you I was wrong.

grog rum cocktailbarbados rum

Originally, sailors used this to stretch their ration of rum. Plus, lime juice helps fight scurvy (and if you’re like me, you can’t say scurvy without saying it like a pirate). As many (or at least a few of the more “ambitious” ones) of those sailors became privateers (remember, it’s not pirating when the government approves) and then pirates, they couldn’t help but take the drink with them.

As we’re now celebrating talking like a pirate — yarr! — this do be an ideal drink for ye to drink!

Prep time
Mix time
Total time
Servings: 1
  • 1 oz. lime juice
  • 1 oz. brown sugar
  • 1 oz. dark rum
  • 4 oz. water
  • Glass type: Old-fashioned
  1. Add the brown sugar to your shaker, add in a splash of warm water (1 oz.) to dissolve the sugar and add lime juice.
  2. Put in rum, rest of the water and ice.
  3. Shake.
  4. Pour over smashed ice.
  5. Serve.
  6. Now it do be time to talk like a pirate.

grog rum cocktail